Do You Remember?

Child, do you remember Me?

I recall all You have done for me, the beautiful things and the practical that you have given. I remember You.

Child, do you remember Me?

I reflect upon all You did for our family, and for even our neighbors and enemies. Your care for all was tremendous.

Child, do you remember Me?

My heart weeps in me as I remember the love You poured out when I was young and foolish, when I had nothing to do with You for want of the childish distractions before me. My heart is inconsolable when I reflect upon how You went and gave your life for me while I refused to recognize the love that was before me eyes. There is no greater love, than the one who lays down his life. Oh, lest I forget, I will truly take time to remember Your sacrifice and, like You, all who went with You to die for those who did not know them. I will remember, as I enjoy the future You bought for me. I remember.

2 Responses to “Do You Remember?”
  1. Beautiful!!:) This piece reminds me of the time I forgot God’s love and when He reminded me of the first time He showed me.

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